undefinedEvolution of a Blog


This blog was created out of a desire to send travel photos to friends and family. I find that sending images via a text messaging platform can be problematic. My photos, for whatever reason, aren’t always delivered. Often I don’t discover it until many hours later, if at all.
If my images should arrive, sound effects ring out at inconvenient hours on cells all around Southern California. It only takes a few midnight text alerts, announcing my travel photos are available for viewing, before people start to use my name in vain.
In order to avoid all that unpleasantness, I set out to learn the blogging basics before departing for Africa.


I started working on the blog’s design seven months before my departure date. I wanted to be comfortable with the interface, and I wanted to be fast at publishing a post.
Turns out I needed lots of practice. (Thank you, Technical Support Team.) Lots of practice turned into lots of posts. And the need to create lots of posts meant I needed lots of information to put into those posts.
I blogged about all the African safari related things I could think of.

After about a week, I ran dry.


Very early on, my mother planted the seed of wanderlust in me. At the same time, she insisted that it was my duty to study a little about the places to which I was headed. That sense of responsibility remains with me today. Realizing I knew next to nothing about Kenya and Uganda, I set out to learn – not a lot, just a little each day.
Whatever catches my eye on a particular day is what I write about. There is no discernible continuity to the posts, but I do pick up small tidbits of information daily.


I write about the people, their traditions, their food, and their art.
I describe the birds, the mammals, the creepy crawlies and the foliage.
I express my concern about motion sickness, migraines and tick bites.
I fret about having to pack 3 weeks worth of clothes in a small cloth carry-on.
I theorize about what I might buy in Nairobi’s markets.
I plan a schedule for acquiring visas and permits and tickets and inoculations.

And during all this time, with more than a year and half of planning already completed, I know for certain that I won’t be going in 2020. A virus has taken over the world. The ease with which it spreads makes a mid-August departure out of the question, even if the borders are opened by then.
My 22-year-old heart would have been ready to give it a go, would have thought of it as a challenge, as just another part of the adventure. But that heart is 72 now, and I know that would be foolish.
I’ll wait until next year when it’s safer to go.
I’ll pray my health holds up.
And I’ll continue to post for as long as the spirit moves me.